Khorshid Pharma
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khorshid kadous pharma

About Us

The Sun symbolizes many things depending on how you look at it. The ancients saw the sun as the giver of life and light, and almost every polytheistic faith has a Sun God. Finally, the Sun is a symbol of steadfastness and reliability, for no matter how bleak your situation may seem, no matter how many problems you have, the Sun will still rise in the morning. In Persian language the “Sun” is meaning “Khorshid”.

The Cadusii (Ancient Greek: Καδούσιοι) were an ancient people living in north-western Iran. It does not seem that the Persians had initially great difficulties in submitting the Cadusii; they were immediately loyal allies of Cyrus the Great (559–529 BC). The Cadusii lived in a mountainous district of Media Atropatene on the south-west shores of the Caspian Sea, called for its inhabitants Cadusia. This district was probably bounded on the North by the river Cyrus (today Kura, in the former Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan, historically known as Arran and Caucasian Albania), and on the South by the river Mardus (today Sefid River), and corresponds with the modern Iranian provinces of Gilan and Ardabil. Over time, the “Cadusii” has become to “Kadous”. In addition, the other the word “contrast” with the word Talysh know and believe that the two components “Ka” means home and “dus” means like (loving home) has been established.

Khorshid Kadous is a privately owned pharmaceutical company and was established as a knowledge-based company in 2011. Our strategic and customer-focused approach to developing, producing and marketing high-quality affordable medicines has successfully made us one of the first respected generics companies (which developed high technology medicines) in Iran. Collaboration, innovation and scientific excellence are the main principles in our company.

Our Values:

  • We feel obliged to use the state-of-the-art technology in order to help people have a better, longer, more prosperous and enjoyable life. We carry out our obligation through developing and manufacturing high-quality medicines and innovation in transferring knowledge of using new technologies.
  • Achieving customer satisfaction is fundamental to our business.
  • Our cooperation must be based on honest and mutual benefits.
  • Quality Assurance is not just a system of management, but one of the philosophies and values, which must preside over all company operations and to be adopted by all personnel, disrespect to the level and position.
  • The improvement and training of each employee brings about the progress of entire unit.
  • The gain of knowledge and creativity constitute the fundamental company resources, which brings innovation and support for further improvement and modernization.
  • Green and sustainable thinking is part of our site culture and infiltrates all that we do. Environmental green practices are closely linked to our continuous process improvemen