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Active pharmaceutical ingredient (API): biologically active compound(s) in a drug formulation that imparts the desired therapeutic effect. Active pharmaceutical ingredients are usually first obtained in the crude state (if there is no biological activity they might be considered “intermediates”) and subsequent production operations convert the crude material to the final API that meets the pharmacopoeial and/or similar requirements. A sterile API is an API that has been subjected to additional processing steps to remove micro-organisms

The synthesis of medicinal chemicals may be done in a very small facility producing only one chemical or in a large integrated facility producing many chemicals by various processes. Most pharmaceutical manufacturing plants are relatively small. Organic chemicals are used as raw materials and as solvents. Nearly all products are made using batch operations. In addition, several different products or intermediates are likely to be made in the same equipment at different times during the year. Equipment dedicated to the manufacture of a single product is rare, unless the product is made in large volume. Production activities of the pharmaceutical industry can be divided into the following categories:

Chemical Synthesis – the manufacture of pharmaceutical products by chemical synthesis.

Fermentation – the production and separation of medicinal chemicals such as antibiotics and vitamins from microorganisms.

Extraction – the manufacture of botanical and biological products by the extraction of organic chemicals from vegetative materials or animal tissues.

Formulation and Packaging – the formulation of bulk pharmaceuticals into various dosage forms such as tablets, capsules, inject able solutions, ointments, etc., that can be taken bythe patient.

 Further, the various chemicals used in making pharmaceuticals may be categorized as follows: basic building blocks, intermediates and custom-made active ingredients, including active pharmaceutical ingredients